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This is a two-part “How To” guide for adding assets to your MetaMask wallet.

If you already have the contract address, you can skip to part two below to simply add the asset to MetaMask. Part one shows different ways to find the correct contract address to add.

The process…

DeFi Backed by bitcoin

When most people think about Tokenomics, they generally think about the supply, distribution, circulating and inflation or deflation mechanics. We have covered this information in our first Medium article, “Introducing Gravity Finance”.

When we think about tokenomics regarding GFI, we think about the fundamentals and long-term value, as well as…

New Gravity LP (GLP) Farms

We are pleased to announce we are opening 7 new Gravity LP Farms, including 2 new GFI-LP farms.

These new farms all utilise Gravity Swap Liquidity Tokens (GLP’s).

To participate in these new farms, users will need to provide liquidity on their desired pairs and then stake the GLP token…

Today we are proud to officially launch the Gravity Vaults. We appreciate everyone’s patience while we packed in a bunch of new fee handling options to further benefit GFI holders into the future.

Our Vaults can manage fees in one of the following 2 fee handling modes:

  1. Send to Fee…

As previously announced, we have now initiated our plan to close down the v1 GFI farm (Single Staking GFI). As of now the APR of this farm has been reduced and we request all users staking in this farm to begin removing their GFI as soon as possible.

In 2…

We are finally here, after almost 12 months of development and hard work we are ready to start rolling out our protocol and initial platform features.

Our platform documentation is now available. This includes the specifics on our profit sharing, fee handling and much more. …

Welcome to the Gravity Finance Bug Bounty Program. We are calling on our community to help us identify any bugs or vulnerabilities in our protocol in order to make it as secure as possible. Submit a bug report and earn up to USD$100,000 worth of GFI tokens.


CTDSec Audit Report and Additional Information

We are pleased to report that our first code audit has now been completed by CTDSec.

No High severity or Medium severity issues were found during the process.

The audit was technical in nature and focused on identifying any security flaws in the design and implementation of the contract.


Gravity Finance

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