Gravity Finance Auto-Compounding Vaults

The next phase in DeFi Automation

Gravity Finance
2 min readSep 14, 2023

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of Gravity Finance Vaults. Vaults are the next step in laying down the infrastructure needed to complete the Gravity Finance suite of DeFi products.

The underlying smart contracts for Vaults are Beefy v7 forks, with some minor changes to allow for the unique Gravity Finance platform fee structure, as well as being able to offer partners and developer fee sharing (where applicable).

Gravity Vaults also offer a lower fees to users than our competitors.

There will initially be four vault strategies, two of which are highlighted in this post. The list of strategies will increase over time and the aim is to become the go to platform for Vaults and DeFi Automation.

Gravity SILOS product (personal and automated smart contract strategies) will also integrate with Vaults in due course, allowing users to send personal yield (generated from Silos) into Vaults. Silo strategies can then be developed to use the vault tokens (such as xGFI) in even more advanced automations.

We look forward to the next chapter that brings all of the Gravity Finance products, including current and future partner projects, together in ways that no one else can!

GFI Auto-Compounder (xGFI)

This Vault strategy allows users to deposit GFI and receive xGFI in return. The vault claims Gravity Finance earnings (wETH) on a daily basis and purchases more GFI from the open market for the Vault users.

The benefits of this vault are two-fold, one, it allows users to build their GFI holdings on auto-pilot, and two, the vault token “xGFI” can be freely moved around the web3 world without losing Gravity admin-fee earning capacity.

This freedom also allows xGFI to be built on top of and used in other protocols, such as lending platforms (borrow against it), cross chain use, to exchanges etc., all while retaining the user’s earning capacity.

QuickPerps QLP Autocompounder (xQLP)

This Vault strategy is Gravity’s first offering on the Polygon zkEVM network, it allows users to deposit and withdraw sQLP or any of the 7 tokens that form the QuickPerps QLP liquidity pool (USDC, ETH etc), users then receive xQLP in return.

The strategy claims yield from platform trading fees and the additional rewards offered by the QuickPerps team, which are then compounded into more sQLP.

This vault offers various advantages over competitors, such as the ability to deposit and withdraw 8 tokens (sQLP and 7 other tokens) without ever needing to visit the QuickPerps site directly. Gravity Vault fees are also lower than any other similar offering.