SILO Launch Update

27th March Launch Postponed, New Date set 17th April

Gravity Finance
2 min readMar 24, 2023

Original Launch Information can be found here:

Launch Postponed

We have unfortunately decided to postpone the planned 27th March 2023 Launch.

I suspect some of you may have seen this delay coming, as we have not been as active on marketing and cross marketing as would be expected with the launch date coming up, hopefully the below gives some context as to why we are postponing the launch.

New Launch Date: 17th April

New Launch date will be 17th April 2023. This decision has been made due to the following reasons:

Polygon ZK EVM Launch

The Polygon ZK EVM launch date has been set for the same date as our original Silo Launch. In order to avoid being overshadowed and ensure optimal marketing support from our partners and collaborators, we have decided to delay our launch.

Changes in QuickSwap Farms

Our existing Silo Beta strategies utilise Quickswap V3 farms, which we initially planned to include in our public-release strategies. However, Quickswap has recently shifted its main rewards structure to GAMMA farms. Consequently, we are currently in the process of refactoring all existing strategies to use GAMMA, which has resulted in a delay for the public release. Launching on 27th March with limited or no strategies would not be a wise decision, so we have opted to delay the launch (this also gives us some additional time to add more launch strategies from some of our other collaborators and projects).

Team Availability

The Gravity team/management recently spent a week in Dubai meeting with partners and collaborators to solidify the future of Gravity Finance and establish new partnerships and collaborations. This has led to some delays in finalising the public release, as we have not been able to work as closely with our lead developer as needed to ensure the GAMMA-based strategies are ready for public use, this additional time will allow us to make sure these strategies are ready and add some new strategies for launch as well.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. We are working diligently to provide the best experience and launch possible for Silos and we want to ensure the product launch is not impacted by any of the above noted reasons. We are confident that the new launch date of 17th April 2023 will provide a better opportunity for a successful product release. Thank you for your continued support.