New Gravity LP Farms

New Gravity LP (GLP) Farms

We are pleased to announce we are opening 7 new Gravity LP Farms, including 2 new GFI-LP farms.

These new farms all utilise Gravity Swap Liquidity Tokens (GLP’s).

To participate in these new farms, users will need to provide liquidity on their desired pairs and then stake the GLP token into the farms.

Each of these new farms will also have a corresponding auto-compounding Vault, so if users would like they can stake their GLP into a vault and let the vault do all of the work to harvest and automatically compound the GFI rewards.

New Farm Metrics

Reward Period: 18 Weeks

Start Block: 19,159,482 (current estimate 16th September 5:38 GMT+1)

End Block: 24,343,482

Rewards to be emitted per Pool: 10,000,000 GFI (~1.9 GFI per block)





Rewards to be emitted per Pool: 7,500,000 GFI (~1.4 GFI per block)







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