Launching on Polygon

Today we are excited to announce that Gravity Finance will be launching on Polygon.

Polygon (previously Matic Network), is an Ethereum sidechain scaling solution, commonly referred to as a “Layer2” and was developed to solve many of the existing issues facing Ethereum.

In Polygon’s own words;

“Polygon is an Internet of Blockchains” and “a protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks”

Why Polygon?

Launching on Polygon (PoS Chain) solves many of the challenges that developers and users currently face with Ethereum, including low throughput and high gas fees.

Polygon will allow our platform to thrive, as it’s Scalable, Secure and Interoperable, allowing the passing of arbitrary messages between other Ethereum-compatible networks. Tokens can also be transferred to and from compatible networks.

Our governance token (GFI) will launch on the Polygon network and follows the ERC20 standard.

A Flourishing Sidechain.

By launching on Polygon, we join a fast-growing community protocols, including Aave, Chainlink and many more, who are already seeing the benefits of launching here.

Gravity will be leveraging these above-mentioned protocols in several of our platform features. More details will be released with each feature announcement as they become available.


From a user-perspective, interacting with dApps on Polygon will be extremely familiar to anyone with experience using Ethereum dApps.

MetaMask (and other compatible wallets) can simply be set to the Polygon mainnet instead of the Ethereum mainnet. The user’s Ethereum address remains the same on the Polygon sidechain so all that’s required is to simply switch the network in the wallet. You may also need to transfer tokens to the sidechain which is also a very easy process.

Gravity will also integrate with WalletConnect allowing users to connect to any compatible wallet.

We will be releasing a detailed guide soon for anyone who may be unfamiliar with the process of adding/changing MetaMask network connection. This process will be required by anyone wanting to participate in the airdrops and our IDO. Guides on other compatible wallets will also be provided where possible.

More to Come.

Although Gravity will initially launch on Polygon (which is our priority), we are in the planning stages of developing a multi-chain strategy which will allow our platform features to be launched on other blockchains (including Solana).

Our goal is to have GFI’s earning potential reach across multiple chains and we look forward to achieving this.




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