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Launch Date 27th March 2023

Gravity Finance
2 min readFeb 20, 2023

UPDATE: 27th March Launch posponed. New Launch Date 17th April. See update article here:

We are excited to announce that we have set a launch date for the new Silos product.

With cooperation from several partners and collaborators, Silos will go live on March 27th.

Although there were several factors we had to consider when setting this launch date, two of the major influences were;

1. The need to complete new strategies to ensure Silos launch with a real WOW factor.

2. The founders and some of the extended team will be travelling to Dubai in early March to meet with some of the project partners at ETH Dubai and we feel it necessary that the whole team is available during and after the launch.

Silos will initially launch with a few selected strategies to showcase how powerful and versatile the technology is. Building and deploying new strategies after the core product has been released is ideal for several reasons, including being able to promote each new strategy individually with support and cross marketing from the underlying platform(s).

We welcome community input on which strategies to develop next and what platforms to integrate with, but in general we will be sticking to our thesis of creating perpetual “Real Yield” generation and “Real World Asset” (RWA) integrations that incorporate risk management, combined with powerful utilities for automated workflows.