Gravity Finance, GFI IDO Round-up

GFI Launch

On the 19th May 2021, Gravity Finance hosted our very first IDO Launchpad Project, raising funds for the Gravity Finance treasury. Funds raised are allocated for further development of Gravity DeFi suite of products.

Launchpad Future

Gravity Finance aims to be the “go-to Launchpad” for the Polygon network. It was our intention to demonstrate the Gravity Launchpad by using it to launch our own project, “putting our money where our mouth is”, and not relying on the popularity of other platforms operating in the space.


Feedback from participants, during and following the IDO, has been overwhelmingly positive, with most participants commenting how easy and intuitive the platform was to use, and praising the support and plethora of guides provided by the Gravity Finance team.

Gravity Finance Future

Following the IDO, we are proud to announce that the project has raised required funding for the foreseeable future. This funding will allow us to to develop our DeFi products as outlined in our “orange-paper”, carry out marketing to promote these new products as they become available, and expand the team as required.

Current Market:

We will briefly touch-on the current market, with regards to the price of GFI Token, as we are sure some are wondering why the current price of the GFI token is lower than the IDO price.