Gravity Finance | DeNet

Gravity Finance | DeNet

Gravity Finance are very excited to be exploring decentralised storage with DeNet. Our collaboration with DeNet will allow for the Gravity Finance dApps to be served through Web 3.0 and decentralised domain services.

One major concern in the DeFi space recently has been the potential impact of new regulations being introduced, regulations that could potentially threaten innovation and in some cases could see dApps targeted and censored.

By deploying DeNet decentralised storage / dApp hosting and other services we are moving towards a censorship resistant future where the Gravity dApps can always be served to users.

Why DeNet

DeNet builds the multi chain ecosystem, which helps dApps users and developers solve their main problems: high prices, lack of transparency in the ratings, annoying advertising and a low percentage of content creators’ profit. DeNet ecosystem deploys the Open Economy 3.0 concept. Its purpose is to create highly transparent relations between all the digital economy participants, eliminating intermediaries, commissions and additional expenses.

About DeNet

DeNet is the truly decentralized storage based ecosystem. We have been developing solutions for a Web 3.0 world since 2017, creating a secure and profitable alternative to the traditional cloud services.

Currently users can store and stake NFTs in DeNet NFT, save any data in decentralized and user-friendly DeNet Storage, take part in Bug Bounty and Referral Programs. More functionality is coming soon!

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About Gravity Finance

Gravity Finance is a DeFi platform, consisting of a Decentralised Exchange, Yield Farms, Auto-Compounding Vaults, an IDO Launchpad and Automated Investment Strategies called Silos. Gravity Finance believes Silos will revolutionise how users interact with their favourite DeFi protocols.

Gravity Admin Fees are paid to Governance Token Holders as ETH and BTC.

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Gravity Finance

Gravity Finance

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