Gamestate IDO Details

IDO Details

How The Sale Works

Scenario 1:

Scenario 2:

Example of Scenario 2:


  • In the event the STATE IDO is oversubscribed and there are unallocated USDC funds to be returned to contributors, USDC claims will open immediately after the contribution period ends at 00:00 UTC 6th May.
  • In most cases, claims for successful IDO participants open shortly after the IDO contribution period ends, however in this instance the STATE claims are due to remain closed for a few days following the contribution period. This is due to the fact the Gamestate team are working with multiple IDO launchpads, following the Gravity Launch there will be a liquidity bootstrapping sale on Copper Launch.
  • STATE IDO Claims will open 10th May 00:00 UTC (Midnight)
  • Any unsold STATE will be returned to the Gamestate Project wallet

Participating In The IDO

  • A wallet connected to the Polygon Network (i.e. Metamask or Ledger)
  • Have USDC in your Polygon wallet
  • Have a small amount of MATIC in your Polygon wallet. MATIC is the native token on the Polygon network in which transaction fees are paid. See the instructions below on how to obtain some MATIC

Following STATE IDO

  • 10% of raised funds will be added to Gravity DEX as wETH/STATE
  • A wETH/STATE LP Farm to be added to Gravity Farms, Reward: STATE


  • Project Liquidity will be locked on DEX for 6 months
  • STATE LP FARM will issue rewards for ~6 months



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