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3 min readJun 13, 2022


We are very excited to announced a new partnership between CypherD and Gravity Finance.

What is CypherD

CypherD is a Washington-based company that provides a multichain wallet for Android and iOS that is intended to simplify user the experience. CypherD also provide a cross-chain bridge that boasts fast and inexpensive bridging for various assets and for US-Based users the World’s first non-custodial crypto debit card!

CypherD are backed by Y Combinator, an American based tech-startup accelerator founded in 2005 which have helped to launch thousands of well known tech companies, including Airbnb, Coinbase, Stripe, Opensea and many many more.

Gravity Finance | CypherD

Gravity Finance users can now use CypherD wallet to connect to Gravity Finance dApps directly through the CypherD built-in web browser. Wallet users will also find GFI asset listed in the CypherD wallet natively without having to manually add GFI by contract address.

We will also be releasing a new Cross Chain bridge page on Gravity Finance where CypherD bridge will be listed alongside other tried and trusted bridges.

Try CypherD

As part of this new collaboration, CypherD are running a promotional onboarding program and offering various GFI Airdrops for users who try out the CypherD Wallet, Bridge or Debit Card (if you are lucky enough to be based in the USA and allowed to apply) between 13th June and 17 June.

Airdrop, Rewards and Eligibility

Users who use CypherD products between 13th June 12:00am PST and 17th June 11:59pm PST can apply for the following.

Note, to ensure the airdrop cannot be “gamed” there was a snapshot of Polygon Chain Data on 10th June 2022. Some of these airdrops require transactions on Polygon Chain on or before 10th June, whilst others required GFI Holdings on 10th June, trades/holdings after 10th June will not count.

200 GFI AirDrop

Eligibility Criteria: A Wallet that has at least 10 transactions on Polygon Network as of June 10 2022.

1,000 GFI AirDrop

Eligibility Criteria: A Wallet that holds at least 1 $GFI Token on June 10 2022 at 11:59 PM PST.

Steps to Redeem the AirDrop (June 13 to June 17 2022 11:59 PM PST)

  1. Download CypherD Mobile Crypto Wallet on iOS/Android
  2. Import the wallet that meets one of the above mentioned criteria
  3. Navigate to on CypherD Browser
  4. Use the CypherD Wallet to do a Swap on Gravity Finance

5. Ensure that you receive the transaction receipt as shown below

10,000 GFI AirDrop (Only for US Residents)

Eligibility Criteria: If you hold at least $100 worth of Crypto (including Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon and BSC) in your wallet and Apply for CypherD Debit Card (and get approved) you are eligible for this US Residents exclusive airdrop.

Check back on your CypherD Wallet on or after June 21 11:59 PM PST to see the Air Dropped GFI Token Balance.