Current LP Farms Ending, Two New LP Farms Launching

The Current GFI LP Farms End Soon:

The two existing QuickSwap LP Farms are set to end soon.

Ending Block Number: 17014366

The current block number can been seen on the Polygon Scan explorer (Near the top where it says “Latest Block”).

NOTE: Polygon Blocks are approx. 2.1s per block, at time of writing this (9:45am UTC 15th July) the above block is estimated to be around 15:34 Sunday 18th July. Note that this is an estimate, the rewards will end at the actual block number, the time may be different if there are slower or faster blocks.

What’s Happening:

When we launched the initial farms in May we were aiming to have our new farms (using Gravity LP’s) deployed by the time the initial farms end (ready for users to migrate to). Unfortunately due to some unexpected delays this has not been the case.

We are launching two new LP Farms to serve in the interim, between the current LP farm rewards ending and the new Gravity LP Farms coming online (scheduled to come online with our main platform AMM after audits have been completed). These new farms will be direct replacements to the existing LP Farms, i.e. USDC-GFI and a wETH-GFI QuickSwap LP Farms.

New Farm Info:

These two new farms, using QuickSwap LP’s; USDC-GFI and wETH-GFI, will have the following parameters.

Start: Approx. 12 hours prior to the current farm’s end block.

Start Block: 16993795

End Block: 18145795

Rewards Per Block: 17.36

Total Rewards Per Farm: 20,000,000 GFI

Approx. Run time: 4 weeks

Users Migrating from Old to New:

When the new farms launch / go-live, if you are in one of the two current LP Farms, you can simply unstake from the current farm and then stake into the new farm, unstaking from the current farm will also harvest your pending rewards to your wallet.

For those who have become accustomed to the farming process, just a reminder that you will be required to approve the spending function for the new LP farm (as you are going to be interacting with a new contract), so you will need to confirm multiple transactions on your wallet in order to stake the first time.

New to Farming GFI:

If you are new to Farming GFI, we would recommend reading our farming guide that goes into detail about how to provide liquidity at QuickSwap to get your initial LP tokens, and then how to use those LP Tokens to stake into the Gravity Farms to earn GFI rewards.



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