Closure of the GFI (v1)Farm

As previously announced, we have now initiated our plan to close down the v1 GFI farm (Single Staking GFI). As of now the APR of this farm has been reduced and we request all users staking in this farm to begin removing their GFI as soon as possible.

In 2 days from now we will call a withdraw function which is under a 7 day time lock delay. 7days later we will then call the function again to withdraw all GFI from the contract.

Any GFI remaining in this farm will be airdropped to the owners along with any rewards they are owed. Anyone who is not comfortable with this process are strongly encouraged to take the above mentioned action and move their GFI to the new v2 GFI farm (or GLP farms).

We will announce (via our social channels) once this airdrop has taken place!

The remaining GFI rewards from this farm will be repurposed into various new GLP farms. Further details to come on this.

We believe closing down this farm is in the best interests of the project due to the existence of a controversial function that exists in our v1 farming contract. This function allows our team to remove the reward tokens (GFI) from the contract and was previously singled out as a negative and risky component of our project.

We look forward to putting this subject to rest, leaving no known reason to rate Gravity as risky. This opinion is now backed up by 2 independent auditors who have reviewed our v2 farm contract along with the rest of our code.

If any member of our community has any questions or concerns over this process, we encourage them to reach out to us via our discord server. A team member will be happy to talk with you and provide any assistance you require.




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