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A World-First, Innovative NFT Puzzle project on Polygon

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4 min readDec 7, 2021


EDIT 4th January: Added IDO Date (21st January 2022 at 22:00 UTC for Early Access).

We are excited to announce that the Castle IDO will be hosted on the Gravity Finance Launchpad, with launch scheduled for 21st January.

Introducing Castle

Castle is a world-first, innovative NFT Puzzle project on Polygon, combining traditional hand-drawn artwork with the fun and gamification of building a collection and completing a puzzle.

Users who collect all 25 unique NFT puzzle-pieces will be able to unlock 1 of 800 full-puzzle NFT’s, which in turn will give the owner access to a multitude of secondary uses, such as exclusive NFTs and special content from Castle.

There are 4 different rarity types of puzzle-pieces and full-puzzles, Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The first users to complete a full-puzzle will be able to claim special one-off prizes (one for each Rarity Type).

IDO Details:

Token Type: ERC-1155

Total tokens on offer: 20,000

Fixed Price: 0.02 ETH

Total Raise: 400 ETH

IDO Type: FCFS (First Come First Served)

IDO Date: January 21/22 January

Early Access Starts: January 21st at 22:00 UTC

Early Access Period: 24 Hours

IDO Public Start: January 22nd at 22:00 UTC

Eligibility and Limitations Apply during the Early Access Round, info below.

IDO End: IDO will remain open until supply distributed

IDO Process and Eligibility

This IDO will consist of 2 Rounds.

1 Early Access Round (open for 24 hours) starting 21st January at 22:00 UTC.

*Limits apply during early-access (see below).

1 Public Round starting 22nd January 22:00 UTC. Public Round is open to everyone without limitation.

Early Access Round

The Early Access Round is available to GFI Tier Holders only.

The following benefits apply during the early access round:

  • Tier 3, 100 Token Allocation
  • Tier 2, 50 Token Allocation
  • Tier 1, 10 Token Allocation

The above allocation only applies during the 24 hour early access round. After early access, all limitations are removed and users can purchase as many units as they wish during the public round.

Tier Eligibility

Eligibility for the 3 different GFI Tiers require users to hold the following amounts of GFI:

  • Tier 1: 50,000 GFI
  • Tier 2: 250,000 GFI
  • Tier 3: 500,000 GFI

User’s must hold appropriate GFI in one of the following Vaults;


A snapshot will be taken a few days before the Early Access start, on 16th January at 22:00 UTC.

Tiers need to be held from snapshot until the time of the purchase in the IDO.

Public Round

The Public Round, users can purchase any amount of tokens they like from the remaining supply. Users who purchased during Early Access rounds can also purchase during Public Round with no limitations.

About Castle

Castle is a 102cm x 65cm highly-detailed, hand-drawn work of art that took the artist (Sethius) almost 2 years to draw. The Castle team have commissioned ultra high-res scans of the artwork which are being turned into a 25-piece interactive puzzle for users to collect piece-by-piece.

Users will be able to use the Castle website to monitor which puzzle pieces they have collected and what they still need to collect.

After collecting 25 unique pieces of the same rarity, a user will have the option to “lock” the pieces into a smart contract. Upon locking 25 unique pieces into the smart contract, a “full size, high-res” NFT of the entire Castle image will be released to the user.

Owning a completed puzzle NFT will give users access to a multitude of benefits offered by Castle.

Users who own a completed puzzle NFT will also have the option to “unlock” their individual pieces in return for the full-Castle NFT, so if a user decides they would like to split-up their individual puzzle pieces for any reason (reselling on secondary markets for example) they will be able to do this.

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