Airdrops and Token Distribution

Today we would like to announce the details of our first three airdrops and provide a timeline for the token distribution.

The “OG” Airdrop

GFI per person: 5,000

The “Almost OG” Airdrop

GFI per person: 4,000

The “Normie” Airdrop

GFI per person: 2,000

How to Claim Airdrops

You are required to paste your Ethereum address in each airdrop channel you see. The Ethereum address you paste here must be one that is setup in a wallet that can interact with the Polygon network. MetaMask is a good choice and there are many others also. Please see this article which explains how to get setup.

When commenting in these discord channels, if any of the following is witnessed, you will become ineligible for the airdrop and your discord role removed.

  • Posting more than one address (we can check and we will be)
  • Posting anything other than 1 Ethereum address

These channels will remain open until 24 hours before the IDO starts. If you fail to paste your address here before they close, we can’t help you.

EDIT: The IDO starts 19th May 2021 at 6am UTC. These airdrop channels close 24 hours prior at 6am on the 18th May.

Token Distribution

EDIT: The IDO token purchase window finishes 20th May at 6am UTC. Tokens will be transferred moments after this.

You do not need any WETH, MATIC or any other tokens in your address to receive the airdrop, however if you plan on transferring (staking/selling etc), you will need a tiny amount of MATIC in your address to pay the gas fee. Simply by connecting your wallet to Polygon, you will automatically receive 0.001 MATIC.

Immediately after the IDO, tokens will be available to trade on a DEX (details provided with the IDO announcement). This will be the first time GFI can be publicly traded.

Future Airdrops

Further airdrops will be announced over the coming weeks so stay active in our discord and invite your friends along for the ride.