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New Gravity LP (GLP) Farms

New Farm Metrics

  1. Send to Fee Manager
    - All non-GFI fees collected are sent to the Fee Manager (50/50 WETH, WBTC).
    - Fees collected in GFI are burned.
  2. Send to BuyBack Manager
    - All fees are sent to the BuyBack Manager.
    - Non-GFI fees are converted to GFI (GFI bought on market). …


CTDSec Audit Report and Additional Information


Audited Repo

The countdown has begun…

  • Audits
  • Governance Contract & User Interface (UI)
  • Gravity AMM (Swap Exchange) + Polygon Price Oracle
  • Gravity Farms v2
  • Gravity Vaults


The Current GFI LP Farms End Soon:

What’s Happening:

GFI Launch

Launchpad Future


Gravity Finance

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